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Product Name: Molecular Gastronomy Smoker
Material: aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, plastic
Power supply mode: 2 AA batteries (not included)
Product size: 90 * 55 * 122mm
Complete configuration: 1 * fumigation machine, 1 * sawdust, 1 * hose, 1 * brush,1 * screwdriver, 2 * filter screen, 1 * manual.

About Molecular Gastronomy Smoking Gun
Fumigation is a processing method that uses the smoke of incomplete combustion of fuel to fumigate food,
so as to change its taste, improve food quality and prolong the shelf life.
It has been developed since ancient times and has made a variety of smoked delicious food by using its rich flavor.

Features: it can be assembled or disassembled without tools. Wiping or water is easy to clean,
but dishwashers are not recommended.
Easy to carry, lightweight , suitable for your barbecue, picnic and cooking requirements
Use operation:
Step 1. Put the food in a container
Step 2. Seal the container and insert it into the smoking pipe.
Step 3. Put the smoking material into the smoking gun and press the power button
Step 4. Ignite the smoke powder and fill the container with smoke
Step 5. After smoking for a certain period of time, take out the smoke pipe and seal the container.
After the smoke settles, the smoking can be completed.
Step 6. It is recommended to clean it once in 2-3 times. Remove the filter screen and clean the oil stain with water or alcohol.



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