New Jerry Can Canister Mobile Bar Cabinet


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1. Christmas mini bar: Personalized mini bar is the perfect gift for any occasion. This is an ideal choice for men’s Christmas.

2. Fashion gifts: a full set of accessories, a good partner to provide you with high-quality drinks. This is a great way to freeze your favorite drink or hard liquor and keep your kids away from it, then go to a party, it can shock all your friends!

3. Personalized small bar: the eye-catching display rack can place your favorite drinks. There are many different colors to choose from, and they have their own customization.

4. Increase the party atmosphere: Do you want to creatively give away a bottle of whiskey, wine, champagne or other beverages? Some unexpected creative decorations can add more atmosphere and joy to the holiday party.



Style 2 (black 1): 30*22*12cm

Style 3,4,5:plastic


Style  (black 2): 1200g

White, black 1, black 2,

Packing list:
Fuel tank bottle holder



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