Pill Cutter and Storage


4 in 1 Pill Container / cutter / crusher / cup

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Pills Cutter Adjustable Pills
Splitter for Multiple Big Small Pills Even Cut

product description

  • The cutter is supported by a unique
    built-in spring. And transparent blade guard. The protective cover protects
    the blade and fixes the T-ablet in place by blocking the side of the blade
    and blocking the T-ablet during cutting. It is safer to use and easy to
    operate. This is the best choice for producing accurate dosages of any
    pharmaceutical Tablet.
  • The unique adjustable channel design
    can completely fix any size to realize simple and accurate cutting. And
    allows multiple pills to be accommodated at the same time, and can be easily
    and evenly cut.
  • The blade is the most important part of the T-ablet divider. The bald head is made of high-quality stainless steel,
    strong and durable,resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • Simple and safe cutter. It is suitable
    for anyone, any user, whether you cannot swallow large doses of pills at a
    time, or you need to take them individually in uniform doses. The
    transparent cover is very safe for users. The cutting blade is made o medical-grade
    stainless steel, sharp and not easy to rust.
  • The built-in spring support is more
    comfortable and safer to use. Cut 6-10 pellets at a time according to the
    size. Suitable for most size adjustable passages from small to large,
    they can be completely fixed in any size to achieve simple and accurate

Products include

1 X medicine cutter


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