Guardian Bells

Guardian Bells, also known as Spirit Bells and Gremlin Bells are gifted to a motorcycle rider, (usually by another rider) and hung from the lowest point on the bike.

4 Rules of the Guardian Bell

  1. A bell must be given as a gift. The Guardian Bell is charged by the goodwill of someone giving it to someone they care about. (more so if the buyer is another rider).
  2. Gremlins prowl the roadways and cling to bikes as they pass by. Therefore, a Guardian bell should be securely attached to the lowest point on the bike. This way, it can capture the gremlins before they cause mischief
  3. If a bike with a Guardian bell on it is sold, the bell should be removed. It is a gesture of kindness to the rider from someone who cares for them, so it needs to be kept by the intended recipient, However, the rider can gift it to the bike’s new owner, but they must first remove the guardian bell and hand it to the new owner face to face.
  4. If Guardian bells are stolen, the gremlins that they trapped go with them, but the bell will no longer hold them and the gremlins are free to cause havoc to the thief.

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